Renee Bennett. 

Author & Youth Alive Director Australia

As someone who’s worked with countless teenagers and young adults for the past ten years, one of the most concerning issues is the lack of conviction about keeping your virginity as a precious gift for marriage. I read in a well researched book recently that 96% of people are not virgins on their wedding day. Here is a book that just could turn that tide. In a very easy to read, big sister approach, Sabrina Peters doesn’t come from the negative position of not becoming one of the 96%. Instead she will inspire and encourage you to be a part of the 4%! (And to see that figure become the majority!) Having done the “single thing” she can empathise with the trials and tribulations you encounter, but also shares her added wisdom from the ‘other side of the fence’ as a married chick! Far from being the book full of DOs and DON’Ts, Lady in Waiting gives you all the reasons why waiting will be the best thing you could ever do! So good on Sabrina for challenging what today’s culture says is ‘normal’ and good on you for reading it! It just might change your life… and together, we just might change the world!



Kasey McDonald. 

Editor in Chief, Enhance Christian Women’s Magazine

Amazing things certainly do come in small packages! Small in stature but big in spirit is how I best like to describe this pint-sized dynamo… My little Breenie! I love this girl. I love her honesty, her tenacity, her feisty nature, her passion for the things of God. And I love her writing. It is just like she is sitting there talking to you. Talking about her deep desire for every girl to flourish alongside the man of her dreams. Talking personally and frankly from her own journey from being a lady in waiting to finding and working out how to do life with her knight in shining armour! As you read on, allow Sabrina to talk you through some principles, hints and strategies, laugh at her funny stories and most importantly, listen for God’s voice speaking directly to you through our girl, whispering life changing secrets and keys to unlock your specific personal situation and enrich your journey. Enjoy!


Carolyn Donovan.

Model & Author of Chooks in Stilettos & Journey of a Princess

Encouraging, honest and inspiring, Lady in Waiting really is “purity revolutionized.” Rather than being a book of DOs and DON’Ts, Sabrina presents some truths, facts and precious lessons learnt from her own experiences; packaged up in a refreshing journey of discovering it’s never too early to know the truth, and it’s never too late to start again.

During the time in my life where I wanted to know God personally but couldn’t let go of ungodly living, I stumbled across a book which caught my eye; Lady in Waiting. Not only was it hot pink but had an interesting title; Sex, God, Love. I started reading it and quickly came to an understanding of how important saving myself for marriage was! The book was aimed at my age group and spoke right into my life! I was challenged, encouraged, and inspired to live the way that would be the best for me. Elsie, 21

The only books I usually read are the ones I have to for school, well Lady in Waiting totally changed that! Once I started reading it, I just couldn’t put it down! It was completely mesmerizing, funny and full of so much wisdom that I will definitely need for the future. Laura, 16

Lady in waiting wasn’t just a book, it was and is a guide. From the raw embarrassing thoughts you shared with me through it to the heartfelt plea to us, it made me laugh, smile and cry! It was especially touching for me as I needed a tool at that time and it was sort of like a Taylor swift song! As you read through the chapters, it was like “omg she knows how I’m thinking” haha! Lady in waiting is a real book for the real life situation every young Christian teenage girl goes through, and those not yet christian could pick it up and be touched! And I can’t wait for the second!!! Loreli, 16

Hey Breenie, I seriously ENJOYED this book! You are such a blessing  This book has opened my eyes to how precious it is to wait for my ‘prince’ and how valuable I am in God’s sight. Thankyou so much! Can’t wait for the next. Xx Naomi, 18

Sabrina, Your book is truly amazing! I have read it on numerous occasions and love it soo much! Every time I read it I get something different out of it and it is always so relevant! It has helped me heaps in dealing with pretty much everything. I love your heart for girls, to love them, to empower them and to shine God’s love to them. It is fun, chic and such a great read! Through this book Go is changing the lives of sooo many young girls all over the place because in a world like today where young girls are told so many things that aren’t right your book creates such a light in pointing us in the right direction! You are truly an inspiration Sabrina and I truly look up to you a lot! Thank you for everything! Kellie, 18

Hey  I don’t know if you get this all the time, but I’m currently reading your book, and it is completely changing my mindset about guys, relationships, sex and God. Even though I have a boyfriend this book has given me a whole new respect for him. I just want to say thank you so much for that  You are so inspiring. Hope this isn’t too weird at all  God Bless! Amy, 16

Sabrina, I LOVED this book! It really opened up my eyes… answered lots of questions. Naomi, 17

The first time I read “Lady in Waiting” was after I had been sexually abused while on holiday. This experience had totally shaken my image of boys and sex and I was really struggling with it. It was incredible because although Lady in Waiting was explaining how important it is to keep yourself sexually pure, it was also really encouraging to girls who had been hurt or taken advantage of, and reminded them that they are still completely treasured and valued. It also helped shift my jaded image of boys and made me realise that not every guy is just going to try and use you. Anonymous, 16

I used to think that what the Bible said about sex was just a bunch of rules set in place to make everything hard, but after reading Lady In Waiting I realised that it’s not about rules, it’s about loving God and my future spouse enough to wait. I recommend it to any girls my age who want some guidance concerning the awesome gift of sex. Talita, 18

Breenie, I seriously LOVED this book! I learnt so much from it. It made me realise that although I have a boyfriend, he’s not really mine until we’re married, so until then he could be anyone’s, and that’s been something that never really crossed my mind. I’ve loved being able to bless my friends with copies of your book and just share all the things I’ve learnt. Really looking forward to your next one! Woooo! Love you heaps!! xxx Lora, 17

Wow! Lady In Waiting is definitely one of my favourite books to read! I love the fact that whilst this book is about Sex, God and Love, it is at the core all about JESUS! It truly opened my eyes and has made me fall in love with Jesus more every time I read it. Thank you Sabrina for being so transparent and honest in this book. Michelle, 21

Hey Sabrina, you don’t know me but I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for me. I look at boys so different now lol!First I want to thank you for opening up my eyes and helping me see what is real and for helping me find my Father’s love (God). I think you’re an amazing woman and God has more in store for you.Thank you so, so much from the bottom of my heart. Alisa James, 16

I have never read a book like Lady in Waiting before!It offered my heart wisdom on how to keep myself pure and wait for that special prince that the God has created just for me. It also encouraged me that no matter what silly mistakes I have made God’s love for me never changes. Anonymous

I’m so pumped to read this book! I think its so great that there is resource available written by Christen Women who can articulate what God says about the issues around Sex & Relationships in a way that is relevant to girls. Its easy when you are in a relationship (especially a long term one) to get comfortable in the fact that you will be with this person for the rest of your life, causing you to “Brush” Under the table, certain boundaries you once had in place. Speaking as a youth leader- watching young girls- Christian or not – struggle when it comes to these issues, I am just so excited that there is a book to turn to when I am not sure what to say next. Laryssa, 20

Hi! I am in the middle of your book, ” Lady in waiting” and just wanted to say thank you! It is such a blessing. I made a promise to God that I will wait for Him to give me the right guy =]. I will guard my heart and I trust God with the key! hahaha! Love your passion, love your honesty!!! hahaha!May the Lord bless your marriage with Ben =) Monica, 19

Sabrina, i read lading in waiting while i was away on schoolies with some of the girls from youth a few years ago. It totally opened my eyes to the world of dating, boys, sex & God. We spent many nights laughing and discussing things you brought up in the book. Cant wait for the next one. XOX Jacobie, 20

Sabrina, you have changed my view on so many things. Not just about guys but about life. As girls we get told so many different things – how we should: look/talk/act (most of which is really not cool for young Godly chicks) so it’s amazing to see strong women of God (such as yourself) reaching out to us.A chaplain gave me your book when I was going through a really hard time in my life involving a boy, literally as soon as I read through the first paragraph I just broke down. I didn’t know there was another way apart from the worldly one way, and I’ve been living for God every day since.Your book has totally changed me and I want to thank you so much for putting the hard miles in to getting it out there so that girls like me can see how incredibly precious we are. Thank you Breenie. Rachel, 15

I just finished reading your book ‘Lady in waiting’ and it was amazing! At 28yrs old I have had a rather promiscuous life and about 18 months ago I realised that one night stands never satisfied.You have given me the strength to carry on and believe in myself and not fall for those big nasty boys (until the right one comes along – of course  THANK YOU *hugs* Carly, 28

Hey Breens, I just read your book and it blew my mind! I know that when it comes to guys and finding a husband I’ve got nothing to worry about!It’s always been one of those things which has freaked me out – being stuck with the wrong person, being unhappy and what not, but your book put things in perspective and gave me hope! Haha (I know that sounds corny :P) but thank you! Katie, 18

I just bought and read your book and it was majorly inspirational. It has changed my life.You are an AMAZING writer and I really feel like I know you through reading it, just because you spoke like I was your friend (which was so cool =P). Anyway I’ve been a Christian for a very very long time. But I did fall down last year in my purity. I’m still a virgin but it got dangerous. Especially for someone who should’ve known better.Anyway I loved the way you didn’t put guilt on me in your writing. You truly helped me believe that I can live a life of purity from here on in, and that God will still love me, and will bring the right guy across my path at the right time.Anyway, my point is, thank you for the book! Thank you for writing it, thank you for pouring your heart into it. I really admire you and would love to meet you some day! Maddison, 16

Lady in Waiting is a seriously awesome book! It totally gave me a God-perspective on how precious it is to wait for my ‘prince’, and how loved and valued I really am. Mel, 15

I just wanted to write to you and tell you that you are amazing!I’m in the process of reading your book and I can feel the hand of God upon me with each page, my life was changed from the minute I read the blurb, so thank you more than words can say! Anonymous, 16