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Hi there, I am just wanting some advice about what a good next step would be for me. Up until today really, I had considered myself an atheist. However, there have been a few things happen recently that I feel is God's (if he exists) way of telling me to go to church or explore a potential relationship with him. The only thing is that going to church scares me, I don't know why it does - perhaps because I know all of my friends and family are going to think I'm crazy or just going through a phase. But I don't feel as though this is a phase, I feel like this is the time when I'm really choosing what I want to believe rather than accepting someone else's truth. I'm starting to question all of my opinions and firmly held beliefs about life and 'creation' or evolution as I liked to believe. I just feel like there could be more to my life, more fulfilment, and more happiness. I don't know if that will come from God but I want to explore it further. Sorry for rambling, but I just needed to share my thoughts with somebody and I've loved reading your blog so I thought you might be a good person to talk to.I hope this reaches you. - Anon


Hi Sabrina,I just wanted to leave you a brief message to say you have completely changed my life. My parents are pastors and I was raised in quite a strict home. I definitely rebelled and pushed my limits. The last year I have been working on my relationship with God and distancing myself from people who weren't a positive influence on my life. The last few weeks I have been crazy obsessed with your blog. I FEEL CLOSER TO GOD THEN EVER! Your such an inspiration. I cannot wait to meet someone who will love me for ME! I cannot wait to start a family and live my dreams! Your amazing, thank you! - Beth


Hello - I just wanted to share my joy at reading your blog. I am not a Christian but was nevertheless moved by the grace of your convictions. Grace is my favourite religious word - to me a gracious person makes their religion look beautiful. So many people use religion to make themselves seem beautiful. Anyway - you're a wonderful role model for judgement free love, which is something we all need a little more of, no matter what we believe. - Bekki.



I have been incredibly encouraged by your articles. Some have left me full of tears (good ones) and others have given me days left thinking about it. My friend suggested your page when I was going through my own struggles, of being used and unloved. This is totally outside of what I'd normally do, but I'd like to share about what has happened and what God has done. I'm no longer being used, but there's is much healing that needs to take place in so many different areas, which God is helping me through. I'm a Christian, but I'm not a virgin, and this has brought me to many negative conclusions of my worth and beauty. But through God I'm learning beyond those lies. - Hannah


So I have just been through your site, and love it!Man, I wish this was around in my 'rebel days' haha.I seriously appreciate all your hard work and think you are doing an awesome job Sabrina. You are such an inspiration. - Gabbie


Thank-you for this space you have created. For following what God has placed on your heart, and persisting in making it a reality. I'm excited to read your book, but even in stumbling upon this blog, I just feel so full. Thank-you for allowing God to speak through your beautiful self, and for using your life to point towards His grace and love. This website got me so excited. I too love LOVE high school aged humans and connecting, conversing and doing life alongside them. I'm in a spot right now where I don't know what lies ahead. In terms of direction, I feel a little unclear honestly. But something that I am sure of, is that I want my life to be totally oriented around God. I want to be fully and completely in love with my Saviour. And you've been a beautiful encouragement towards that. Ohhh man, I live in Adelaide, but honestly I feel like we'd be such great friends if I were up on the Gold Coast. I had a strange, very out-of-the-blue desire to move up there mid way through last year. Maybe one day huh? Haha! Thanks again Sabrina, bless your beautiful soul! - Hannah


Absolutely loved coming across your blog today! I'm hoping to purchase your book as soon as possible! I am a 16 year old girl that is continually questioned as why I don't have a boy friend yet and why I have chosen to save myself for marriage, and I knew why, but it was hard to get that across to people but after watching your "let's talk about sex" video and reading your blog it's helped me to know what I am doing is for the right reasons and I'm not a prude. Thank you so much! I think what you are doing is incredible! So blessed to have come across you! - Kaitlyn, NZ


Dear Sabrina, I've just discovered this blog and I just want to say THANK YOU! Thank you for speaking up and providing a platform, a voice, for what is often pushed aside or ignored in the Christian community. Thank you for exploring and explaining the tough questions. I have no doubt that your blog, site and social media posts will reach many young women and provoke new thoughts and questions around their sexuality and bodies. - Nadine


Hi Sabrina, Just came across your blog and fb site today and got so excited to see not only another female and mum as a youth pastor but someone who is passionate about seeing young people preserve themselves in this sex craved world. - Jessica


Hi Sabrina, First of all i LOVED this post, it made me know i wasnt alone. My story isnt grand and nothing special its just the basic i was a christian i met a boy i put him before gos and before long i was no longer a virgin. Over and over he broke my heart and over and over i forgave him, it was only the most recent time when he broke my heart that i went to God (finally haha) and when he came back i had conditions and did not give him the benefit of the doubt seeing this was the 5th time in 16 months he broke up with me, one of thos conditions was no more sex and at first he was very supportive but in the end i had to break it off as he was starting to make me feel guitly for loving God more, what this message is really me doing is asking you a question!I am ashamed to go to any of my friends as i am not a fan of showing people my weaknesses, im really the one for others to come to. Im afraid to get close to any christian guy to be turned down because im not pure! I dont know how to get rid of this fear and it holds me back from so many friendships (which is really all im looking for) im not looking to jump into a relationship only months after ending my only love story in my life (other than Gods of course) but i do want to be friends with more than just females as i know thats not who i am. Im rambling sorry i just wanted some advice on anything i could do to help my fear. Thanks. Btw your truly Gods warrior. - Sheridan


Hey! Thank you so much for you posts! I'm 18 and single, I'm a Christian and go to a church in NZ. I think it is so important for women to know the why behind the what for sex and relationships! This blog has challenged me and I can see in my own life how important is not to run after what the world does! So this is honestly such an amazing thing! - Sarah


I love what you wrote to those girls on "A message to the Christian, Unmarried, Non-Virgin"! You have started something great with this blog! - Hannah, NZ


Hey Sabrina! My name is Ula, I'm from Poland. I've found your short movie at youtube: "Its just sex?". I'm catholic, so its not something new for me, but this gave me something, I don't know how to describe it, but I thought: Ohh, God, thank You! I needed this words at this moment!:). You know: I'm 21, I never had boyfriend in my 'past', I never kissed anyone. I wanted do it so much before my 18, I was going a lot of times at party, discos, just to know some guys and kiss with someone but in fact I couldn't did it - God was with me! Then, I started my study at university in Poland, I met people from my future comunity, I was thiniking that in this comunity I met my future boyfirend but in fact I didn't met Him. More I met Our God,  -Ula, Poland