So being a mum isn’t really a job - It’s more like a permanent voluntary position; paid in love, hugs and amateur artwork. Despite the unbeatable perks of motherhood and that heavenly baby skin smell (omg delish) being a mother is no walk in the park (contrary to Instagram's flawless depiction). Motherhood is in fact the toughest and the greatest "thing" I have every experienced.

(Side note: These are generalisations. if they don’t quite apply to you, let it go, let it go. Sung to the tune of frozen of course).

What's so hard about being a Mother?

1.  Growing a life. Inside you. Like inside your actual body. It's tiring! Exhausting frankly. 
2. The vomiting that doesn't just happen in the morning (lies!) and lingers for months.
3. Gaining 10-15 kg, maybe more (30% increase in body weight was my personal best).
4. Getting kicked in the ribs all day, or kidneys, or liver. Take your pick at any vital organ. 
5. Feeling like an elephant is sitting on your bladder.
6. Birth. Think car accident slash kidney stones. Not pretty. Painful. Extremely painful. Traumatic even (Worth it, yes! Go back for seconds. You bet ya)!
7. The wear and tear on the rig. Stretch marks, scars, other things that cannot be mentioned on the Internet.
8. The breastfeeding. Ouch. Heavy boobs, hard boobs, sore nipples, cracked nipples. (It's really not fun for the nipples at all).
9. Getting use to b-feeding only to discover your boobs now leak all the time. #sorryfortheovershare
10. Mastitis (Google it).
11. The sleep deprivation. Waking up several times a night to feed and comfort screaming banshee child, I mean sweet little angel ;) Continuing for about 3-6 months. Years even.
12. Being on call 24/7 (for 18 years roughly).
13. Trying to take a 5 minute break to eat, dress yourself or do a number 2. Getting interrupted 26 times (ok bit of an exaggeration, maybe like 3).
14. Having everyone (literally any living breathing person walking on planet earth) telling you how to raise your child and pointing out what they think you're doing wrong.
15. Having people judge your parenting competency based on your feeding choices, sleeping arrangements and disciplinary methods. 16. Feeling an insatiable amount of pressure to care for a human life.
17.  Being pulled at from every angle (with no "parts" off limits).
18. Taking multitasking to an insane new level (literally insane). 
19. Spending hours cleaning the house. Having it demolished within 15 minutes.
20. Then having your husband return home and ask, "What have you been doing all day?" *facepalm* (jokes).
21. Walking through the supermarket with your toddler screaming, "I want a chocolate and I want it now." Having the entire supermarket stop and stare. #takemenowlord
22. Toilet training a toddler. Enough said. Spending the next 12 months years hearing, "Mum, come and wipe my butt".
23. The lengthy job description. Human buffet, carer, clown, cleaner, nurse, teacher, taxi driver, story teller, event manager, mediator, mentor, life coach.
24. Making love as quickly as possible. Getting pregnant again. Repeating steps 1 - 23 and tripling the workload.
25. Feeling like your heart is walking around outside of your body, all the time.

(Did I mention often having to do all of the above on top of a "real" (paid) job)?

being a mum is a tough gig, but it is by far the greatest privilege & honour i have ever been given.

What's so great about being a mother?

26. Holding your baby for the very first time! Nothing compares to that moment. Nothing!
27.  Pushing something the size of a watermelon out of something the size of a pea and feeling like a super woman!
28. Looking down at a caesarean scar and feeling like a super woman! 
29. Having your newborn snuggle into your neck crevice. 
30. Stroking those tiny toes, tiny hands, tiny everything. (Total cuteness overload!)
31.  Hearing your baby say, "mumma" for the first time.
32. Snuggling up in bed on old rainy days.
33. Receiving handmade gifts and Mother's Day cards.
34. Listening to the most entertaining three year old conversations. 35. Acting silly and having your kids laugh at you hysterically. 
36. The sloppy wet kisses.
37.  Looking at your child sleeping and thinking how did I make something so perfect.
38. Having your child grab you by the face, lean in close and say, "I love you, Mummy".
39. Arriving home and being greeted with sheer glee and excitement.
40. Having a stranger tell you, "She looks just like you".
41.  Seeing your children laugh and play happily. 
42. Watching them wrestle and jump all over their father.
43. Seeing them learn, grow and develop into real little people.
44. Realizing your kisses have the power to make anything better.
45. Having your kids actually teach you lessons.
46. Watching them excel at something they love.
47. Making a mess just for the fun of it! (You don't even know how hard that is to write for a recovering obsessive compulsive).
48. Knowing that what you leave IN them is more important than what you leave to them.
49. Staring into their eyes and feeling your heart melt.
50. The incredible opportunity to greatly influence and shape a life.



P.S My kids are only 3 and 18 months. I am certain there’s a lot more that can be added to this list as they get older. Would to love to hear what you've experienced in your journey as a mother! 


Sabrina is a Christian writer, an avid Sex & Relationships blogger and part of the team at Kingdomcity. She is married to Ben and mother to Liberty & Lincoln.