So often in life we are constantly wanting to know what happens next, Where will we end up? What will we do for work? Who will we marry? Will we ever get married? I've learnt that life is about making choices that lead us to where we want to go.. sometimes those decisions happen daily and can feel seemingly insignificant. Other times they can be life altering decisions, that you look back on and realise they were game changers.

One of those life altering decisions for me, took place at a school assembly where a group did a presentation called ‘Sex has a Price Tag’. Now for me, the whole concept of saving yourself for marriage was something I didn't even know people chose to do. As I listened to this presentation, I heard that I was worth the wait and that God created sex to be a precious gift in marriage.

After hearing this message and realising that I too was valuable, I felt compelled to do something bold and make the decision that I would save my virginity for marriage. Much to the disbelief of some of my classmates, school peers and family, I was laughed at for making the decision. I heard comments like “no way you'll be the first girl in your grade to get laid”, or ‘yeah right I'll believe that when I see it’. I went home and told my mum what had happened and not only did I want to save myself for marriage, but I also wanted the first boy I kissed to be my husband. Something i'm sure she to was sceptical of. I did have a reputation for being flirtatious and I guess that came down to insecurity or maybe the desire to be desired.

I realised that this needed to be more than just a decision or a rule but it needed to be a conviction. A genuine desire to trust God and put Him first in every aspect of my life. From that day I slowly began to make changes about how I handled myself and started to realise more and more that I was valuable and I was worth the wait.

Was it easy? Definitely NOT! Was it worth it? YES, absolutely YES. Over the years, there was lots of guys I was interested in, a few of whom I almost dated. But i'm so thankful that on my wedding day, I got to stand up in front of all my family and friends and marry my very first boyfriend and the only guy I have ever kissed. The awesome thing about saving yourself for marriage, is that there are no negative consequences! It's so precious to be able to give yourself,your whole-self, to your spouse on your wedding night! #NoRegrets