i guess you could say i fell in love with prince charming. the only catch was that i feel for him well before he fell for me. 

I was 3 years too soon and well and truly found myself in the "friend zone". It wasn't exactly the picture perfect love story I had imaged for my life, where boy meets girl and boy falls head over heels for her. It was more like stalker girl falls for ridiculously good looking boy who is totally interested in other girls. So I did what any wise girl would do... I became his "bestie".

It all started when my sister came home one day and said, "I've met your husband, he goes to my Church!" and showed me a picture. Not gonna lie he was a total babe! I went on to stalk his profile (We've all been there right? A little sneaky Facebook stalk, well back then it was MySpace). I didn't waste a moment and was at my sisters Church the next week (Yep I totally Churched hopped, my bad).  

i then spent the next three years of high-school falling completely in love with this guy without him even knowing.

In fact, he was with 2 other girls before he finally chose me! Talk about a strong willed 15-year-old to stick around. I had so many moments of heartbreak and disappointment but still hung on and it paid off.  

in year 12 he invited me to his formal because i was a "safe" and "good" friend. 

As you can imagine I tried to look as good as possible with the hope that maybe, just maybe he would see me as more than just a friend. Well it must have worked. That night everything changed and I went from friend zone to a girl he now had feelings for. We went on to date, get married and pro-create (You should see our son, Dallas, he's a total dream boat)!

Its kind of a weird thing that I am married to the boy I fell completely in love with at 15. His name is Ryan Alcorn and I think he is just as amazing as the day I met him. I now know that that this is super rare and really special that we ended up together. I constantly joke with him that all you have to do is put a girl in a pretty dress and the guy will fall for her, but we both know that fact that we were friends first is what really made us work. Sometimes people say that being just "friends" is lame or silly, but I know it gave us the best foundation to our now romantic relationship. We were able to get to know each other and see others personality flaws and strengths without the distraction of an intense emotional or sexual relationships. We were also able to put God at the centre of our relationship instead of each other and we were so blessed because of that. We also waited until we were married before we had sex. We dated for 4 1/2 years so that certainly wasn't easy but it was SOOOO worth it! Our relationship is all the better for doing things Gods way.

Written by a lovely friend of mine Breony Alcorn.