Previous to my husband I dated a guy for 3 years. I could easily have married him and lived a totally different life to the one I am living now. Thankfully God prompted me to end that relationship and I am so glad I didn't just settle for good, I waited for great. It’s not like my x was terrible, I just knew if we had of stayed together so much of who I am would have been compromised.

We started dating when I was young so I was pretty naive and caught up in my emotions. I was completely oblivious to the magnitude of dating someone who didn't share the same core convictions as I. I am super grateful that throughout the whole thing God just kept nudging me in the right direction and bringing people like my Mum and other Christian Women into my world to guide me in wisdom and truth

(Side note: Listen to your mum girls, she knows what's up lol).

It definitely wasn't an easy decision to end that relationship but it was what needed to happen. God was with me the whole time, helping me deal with the aftermath of a break up and restoring my heart to wholeness.  

At 21 I met Ben. He was tall, dark and handsome and loved Jesus more than He loved me (That was a total game changer)! He had a great sense of humour, a big heart and an incredible passion for the Church. He would say things to me like, "You can have your cake and eat it too," and I would think to myself, "yes I've always thought that". I began to see that His calling matched mine and knew he was a man I could run beside living a life of vision, passion and purpose. Ultimately it was his preaching gift that won me over and we started dating. We were married in 2008 and today we have 3 beautiful babies together (Seriously they are cute, just look at the photo).

I am so glad I took waiting over settling!

I love the quote,

You never come second, by putting god first


It's true! You never miss out by including God in your love life, you only benefit. 

I've learnt that it is so much easier to say no to a wrong relationship from the start, then it is to end it later. As a pastor I see so many young girls in relationships that are toxic and unhealthy but they don't leave because they're afraid they'll never get better. They are completely led by their emotions and how in love they are, but don't realise that love isn't just a feeling, it's a choice and 10 years down the track you want to be building your life with a man that has substance and character not just good looks.

the bible is not a rule book to RESTRICT our lives, it's a book of life written by the author of life.

God's way of living is actually the most fulfilling and rewarding way to live. That's why I'm so thankful that I teamed up with someone who shares the same values, faith, and convictions as me. I couldn't even imagine living life with someone who doesn't have God at the centre of their universe like I do. I am thankful I married a man who is committed to the call of God on our lives together and individually and continually pushes me, encourages me and brings out the best in me as a wife and Mother.  

By Emily Higgins. 

Emily Higgins is a Pastor at Life Church, Brisbane. Along with her husband Ben they oversee the young adults ministry and the creative team.  She has completed a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Bachelor of Education, but does not work as a teacher currently as she is looking after her children. Emily is passionate about God and she loves people & life. She is a dynamic communicator and an inspiring woman of faith.  Her desire is that she would encourage and inspire others through her testimony & faith in Jesus. You can check out her blog at