Eat less chocolate. Lose weight. Be nicer. (Mainly to my husband) Love often. Read the bible everyday. Spend less time on facebook. Think Positively. Join the gym (I mean GO to the gym) Write more books. Take less photos (at husbands requests). Be a good mum. Never lose my cool at my rambunctious toddlers. Achieve my goals. Set more goals and hit them. Introduce more people to Jesus. Enjoy the moment. Worry less. Give more. Be happy.….and again eat less chocolate.

Most times my New Years Resolution resembles something of the above. (Ok I lied. I've never joined a gym)

It could pretty be summed up in:

“Be better in all areas of my life. Stop worrying and be happier."

I want be a better wife, I want to be a better mother, better pastor, better Christian, better friend, better person.

This year though It’s different. I still want to aim higher but I am throwing out the list of 21 things to being a better ME.

It just doesn’t seem to work. It’s nice on paper but it’s kinda hard in real life. I get to about Jan 3 before I eat the cake. The whole cake!!! And it doesn’t take long before I snap at my husband for leaving a trail of dirty socks in his wake or replace my bible reading time for an episode of "Game of Thrones" (jokes, got ya! I'm a Christian. Haha jokes again. I won't judge you. Personally I am a Law & Order kind of girl) I have great intentions but will power only gets me so far.

My only New Years Resolution for twenty fifteen is to focus on JESUS. Everyday.

To put Him at the center of my universe and keep my eyes firmly fixed on His loving kindness towards ME. To enter into His strength and not my own. Because when I am weak He is strong. And when I look to Him I will inevitably become a better person as I mirror His Image. No more straining and struggling. It’s time to tap into His peace that supersedes circumstance and transforms from the inside out.

P.S I don't really want to Eat Less Chocolate. It's like totally amaze balls! You know it actually stimulates the release of endorphins, natural hormones produced by the brain, that generates feelings of pleasure and promotes a sense of well being! No wonder I love it!

End note: Chocolate comes from cocoa. Which is a tree. That makes it a plant. Chocolate is pretty much a salad. You're welcome!