Believe it or not, wearing a purity ring was once a thing Miley Cyrus strongly believed in. Of course, the former Disney star wasn’t alone in her conviction in waiting until marriage to have sex. In the past decade, scores of teen stars have talked about their pledge to abstinence by wearing it on their finger, from Jessica Simpson to the Jonas Brothers.

I read this in The Huffington Post recently and it made me think; What’s the point of an outward symbol without an inward conviction? Well there’s none really.

Unfortunately, so many teenagers wear purity rings because it’s popular; it’s a trend, a fad, another “cool” thing to do. Don’t do a Miley and say one thing but then live the opposite.

I’ve seen dozens of teens wear “purity rings” yet they still fool around and sleep with their boyfriends or girlfriends. Then there are others who don’t wear them but stick to their convictions. To me, the latter is obviously BETTER.

If you wanna keep the cookie for one little monster then do it. If ya don’t better say goodbye to that purity ring and stop telling white lies.

I’m not suggesting purity rings are bad. I actually wore one from about 18 – 21 and I loved it! Firstly it kept the creeps away because they thought I was married and secondly it was just a simple reminder that I was spoken for. Every time I looked at it, it put courage in me to hold on a little longer.

Like everything in life it comes down to the heart motive.

So wear one if you want. Don’t wear one. Bottom line is.

It’s YOUR choice. Don’t do it to show off to others. Make it for you and stand by it.

What do you think of purity rings? I would love to hear your thoughts.