Regardless of who you are, what you've done, or where you're from.

you were born on purpose, for a purpose.

I always felt that my life was made to have meaning; that I was born to do something extraordinary, but years of bullying as a teen nearly took me out completely. As a teenager I was on the receiving end of bullying. It was a perpetual cycle of rejection, criticism and gossip. The better I achieved, the more I was bullied. I was ridiculed for keeping fit, for getting good grades, for participating and excelling in all school sporting events, I even was told that I smiled too much. That smile was in fact a mask, one which hid the emotions of a girl who was barely holding it together. I began to question if my life had any meaning at all.

I lost hope in the future I once saw as bright and meaningful and fell into a dark spiral of low self-esteem, low confidence and was no longer able to see the beauty of my dreams or myself.

The 2 years of my life at that High school have been the most damaging years of my life. Yet ironically, those years also became the most lifesaving. Every single day, I would walk up to the school steps, take a deep breath in, close my eyes and pray, 

"Lord, please, I need strength. Please Lord hear my prayers, get me through another day."

Those prayers were heard, and just as surely they were answered, but not in the way I wanted.

god didn't take away the hardship, he gave me STRENGTH to overcome them.

During this time, I began to actually understand His faithfulness and love was, is, and always will be unfailing, unconditional and endures until the end of time.  

I began to realise, 

that who i am is not based on what others say about me, but is determined by what he calls me everyday. loved, valued, called. 

Although God brought me through years of bullying, still today I have to reject the the lies of of the enemy. The lie that I am not worth much. The lie that my life does'n't matter. The lie that I am unlovely. 

I have to make a conscious effort to see myself the way He sees me. I have to choose not to open old wounds and let go of the emotional damage it has caused. By His grace, reading my bible, prayer and faith in Him, I am breaking through those barriers and once again pursuing the calling He has put on my life. 

So here I stand, a woman of God, an imperfect being, one with love and good intentions, trying to make a difference in the world. I realised that my purpose, my calling, is simply to be a vessel for God others in their callings. Because sister let me tell you, there is a calling over your life, one that He planned out just for you, one with a great and mighty purpose and one that will change the world. I am here for you, I believe in you and I know God has an amazing journey for you.

All my love, Aneta

Aneta Baker is the Founder of "She is called " a movement of women living unapologetically in the calling of God. It's mission is to empower, inspire and equip women from all over the world. It provides a space and community of women who are free to be themselves, free to grow and to be set free. Aneta is also a wife, mother and currently expecting twins! 




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