Sometimes life just sucks & I’m sorry. I wish I could take away the pain and wipe away your tears. Sadly I can’t change the circumstance you’re in or have been through but I know someone who can. Whether that means He tells the storm to cease or He just holds you securely as it rages around you. If you are going through a tough time. Don’t quit. Take heart. Hang in there. A rainbow is on the other side.

I asked a bunch of Gen Y’s what they did when life kicked them in the guts. They may look young & free but everyone has their battles.

Question: What’s the hardest challenge you’ve had to face in life so far and what helped you get through it?

“The hardest thing I’ve been through was having a best friend pass away from cancer when I was in high school. I got through it because I knew that Jesus was right there crying with me, He felt the pain I felt and I knew she was in better place. The BEST place she could ever be.”

Brad Hodge, age 22



“My toughest challenge was being in a wheelchair for 8 years and being told I would not walk again. I got through it by holding onto my faith and believing that my miracle was on its way!”

Darren Ilicic, age 18



“Having a split family can be difficult at times, but knowing that God has a plan for my future and that I am not defined by my past keeps me above it.”

Tessa Mihaly, age 20



“The hardest challenge I’ve had to face was forgiving someone who betrayed me. I was able to let go of the hurt and bitterness by drawing close to God and allowing him to heal my heart.”

Elise Eyears, age 20



“The most difficult experience I’ve been through was when my dad was killed in a sudden accident a few years ago at our house and my mum found him. I made it through by trusting in God and knowing that I’ll see him soon enough on the other side!”

Emily Ross, age 20



“The hardest thing I’ve had to deal with was being sexually abused by someone close to me. I got through by accepting it wasn’t my fault, seeking help and know that Jesus is the healer of broken hearts.”

Anonymous, age 20



“My hardest challenge in life was the breakdown of my family and dealing with the implications and feelings related to it. The ONLY way I got through was trusting and holding onto Jesus and letting Him carry me when I couldn’t do it anymore.”

Jess Pearson, age 21



“I recently had my mum step into eternity in the mix of some big changes in my life. This is something I could of never prepared myself for but in that God showed me all I needed was Him, His love and His peace.”

Marc Ilicic, age 20



“My hardest challenge was growing up in a family full of addictions which in the end led me to my own. If it wasn’t for the love of Christ and the people who reflected that love to me, I’d be in a whole other boat right now….literally, probably drunk on my way to Mexico. “

Daniel Francis, age 20


“One of the toughest situations I’ve been through is having two of my closest friends die. One when I was just 6 and another when I was 15. I made it through because of Gods tangible peace in the midst of my pain and knowing I’d see them in Eternity.”

Ben Peters, age 28


What have you been through that really hurt? How did you cope? How did you heal? I think it's so powerful when we share our stories because I am certain somebody out there needs to hear it.