WHEN PRINCE CHARMING TAKES A DETOUR. How to be single & content. Left a little blooper in just to make you laugh ;) virgindiaries.com.au

Posted by Virgin Diaries. By Sabrina Peters. on Monday, July 20, 2015

If you're anything like me, you like to plan. You like to think ahead and map out the big moments in your life. You make a plan to finish school and go to uni, a plan to complete the degree and get a great job, a plan to save money and buy a house, a plan to find the right man, get hitched and make cute little babies. Unfortunately life doesn't always go according to "plan" (which is honestly so annoying, especially when you're a bit of a control freak like me)!

So for all the singles ladies that have found themselves wondering, "Where the heck is Prince Charming and why is he taking so long?" This is for you. I'm not even gonna pretend I know what you're going through because the truth is, I don't. I was married at 21 and had my first baby at 25. So let me step aside and give the mic to a handful of incredible, capable and downright gorgeous women who are in the same boat as you. 


Tessa Anderson. 19. Psych Student. Passionate about ministry, over nutella'd toast and sharks.

Tessa Anderson. 19. Psych Student. Passionate about ministry, over nutella'd toast and sharks.

Indigo Jewel Tickle. 25. Youth Worker, music fanatic & social work student.

Indigo Jewel Tickle. 25. Youth Worker, music fanatic & social work student.

Michelle Buckle. 26. Youth Pastor, qualified teacher & lover of food & sport.

Michelle Buckle. 26. Youth Pastor, qualified teacher & lover of food & sport.

Letitia Shelton. 40. CEO of City Women, cycling enthusiast & leader to many. citywomen.com.au

Letitia Shelton. 40. CEO of City Women, cycling enthusiast & leader to many. citywomen.com.au

I'll let them do the talking.


"Being single to me is not a symptom or side effect of quirkiness, it does not place you at a disadvantage nor does it contribute to your identity and level of self-worth." - Tessa.

"I view singleness as an opportunity to firstly get to know myself and who God created me to be, and also to figure out what I believe about important topics, to learn what I love and dislike. It's an opportunity to pursue dreams, to travel, and develop myself into who I truly want to be." - Indigo

"I used to think it was purgatory. A time in life where you were waiting to be married. But now I see it as freedom! Free to discover who you are. I may be 'single' in marital status but I am not single in life!" - Michelle

"Singleness is an amazing season of life when you can dedicate yourself 100 percent to the purposes of God." - Letitia  


"I think that the greatest advantage of being a confident single person is that dating and relating with the opposite gender becomes less about finding someone that fills your NEEDS and becomes more about someone that you WANT to be around. When you date out of want and not out of need you say no to a lot of junk and avoid a lot of heartache. But my absolute FAVOURITE part is just hanging out with my friends, this is the only time in my life where I can pack up and leave on adventures without having to report my movements to someone. Disposable incomes rock!" - Tessa

"I love alone time, taking myself out for coffee and not having to talk. I love learning things that I didn't know about myself and discovering things I didn't know was capable of until I did them alone (I'm currently traveling overseas by myself, which even a couple years ago I wouldn't have been brave enough to do). I love that I can hang out with people, and basically do what I want, when I want and not have to consider another person's schedule." - Indigo

"I love that I can generally do what I want, when I want. That I don't have to consider 'his' feelings if I want to go on a trip or girls sleepover." - Michelle

"I love the freedom of being able to throw myself fully into my calling. I love being able to travel and go wherever God wants me to go. I'm now 40, so the last 20 years have been amazing years of experiencing living in another country, going to Bible College, starting a ministry that helps hundreds of girls. I wouldn't change it for anything." - Tish


"There are moments at restaurants where they have a “platter to share” like a “fondue for two” and I mean… that sucks." - Tessa

"There are some moments where it seems like everybody has someone to share life with and I become very aware that I don't have that 'one' person. I hate when there is no one to assist with an un-openable jar, or a zip I just can't reach, and spiders I just don't want to deal with. But on a more introspective note... I'm human, and I have my moments of insecurity where I ask myself "is there something wrong with me?!" Assuming that because I'm single I must be fatally flawed, like do I have an annoying trait that repels males or, what's the deal? But these moments thankfully don't last too long and I get back to believing that God knows what's happening, and He only has the best in mind." - Indigo

"My love language is physical touch; so I love cuddles and hugs. I don't like that I have to wait. So my Dad (and Mum) and brothers get a lot of hugs from me and visa versa." - Michelle

"There have been tough times as my friends have found their husbands and gotten married. Friendships do change. There have been lonely times, there are times when it would be great to have someone to work along side in the ministry." -  Tish


"When I think about the things that make me happy I think about hanging out with my squad, church life and shark documentaries. When you approach life with Jesus (for me anyway), you stop looking for these things to fill your happiness and instead just enjoy them as they are. Let your joy come from the security of being created by a loving God, and let the other things fill your heart not your voids." - Tessa

"Here comes the Christianese, yet oh so true answer - God! But honestly, God has been reminding me so much lately that He loves me, and He's just been blessing me in ridiculously unbelievable ways and when I get to spend time in His presence. I am reminded that NOTHING else is as good as knowing and loving God. On a less Christianese note - Music, hanging out with fun people, and chocolate also makes me happy." - Indigo

"There are four moments in life when I am most happiest: Knowing that my Heavenly Father loves me for no other reason than the fact that I am His daughter! I am also happy when the teens that I mentor and pastor discover that truth. Family! My heart is full of happiness when my family comes together. Dad and mum, sisters and brothers and their children! Finally when I overcome a challenge! I walked 12km the other day (the most I've ever walked was 6kms)! I was so pumped and could throw my fists in the air!" -  Michelle

"Definitely my relationship with God and the purpose He has given me in life. He really is more than enough." - Tish


"Find what you love and run with it. This advice I give over and over again to everyone seeking any anything! You were created with passions and talents, if you find them and run with them how awesome will it be when someone starts running with you?! My greatest advice is to do your thing, you don’t need to go hunny hunting to find a partner. How much more awesome is it to run with someone that is heading in the same direction?" - Tessa

"Life is the constant battle of trying to be content. But I believe if you can be content with where you are you will be happier. I also believe that God is the goal, marriage is a bonus. If marriage is the goal, and I'm single, then I'm failing... But if relationship with God is the goal, everything is in its right place and I can talk to Him about things like marriage." -  Indigo

"We were designed to be in connection. It doesn't just have to be with that special someone. There are plenty of people around you! Yes, there are moments of sadness and moments where you feel like you're missing out. Acknowledge them but don't live by them. Practically I want to leave you with 2 challenges: 1) Surround yourself with people who will encourage you and challenge you; I found mine in my local church. 2) Start writing and fulfilling a bucket list; mine include food, activities, local and global mission work." - Michelle

A single person is not a half person, you are whole and God is the only one who can make you whole. Enjoy this season. It's not a sentence, it's a season in God to discover who you are in Him and what He has for you. Don't put life off until you find your spouse.