If you haven’t heard the song “All About That Bass” you’ve been living under a rock. It’s everywhere. Literally EVERYWHERE that sound penetrates. There’s no escaping it. Turn on the radio any time of the day (or night) and you’re sure to hear that “no treble” killer hook. Surf YouTube and it’s guaranteed to be recommend to you (no surprise as it’s had a whopping 450 million hits!) Even my toddler is madly obsessed. At least five times a day she will come up to me and say, “mummy…bout da face” and point at my laptop hoping to watch the film clip.

But just in case you’ve been hibernating somewhere, here it is just for you.


At first I loved the song (don’t judge me super Christian). The lines are catchy (despite a few choice words that would never escape my lips), the beat is soooooo cool and boy can Meghan Trainor sing (I’m not gonna lie, I totally thought it was a soul sister until I saw the video)!

But the more I listen to the song, the more I’m think to myself.

This song is sending mixed messages. 

One minute I find my inner feminist cheering her on as she belts out

I see the magazine workin’ that Photoshop

We know that sh… ain’t real

C’mon now, make it stop

If you got beauty building, just raise ‘em up

‘Cause every inch of you is perfect

But then I hear lines like;

 I’m bringing booty back. Go ahead and tell them skinny bitches that

And I cringe. Why do thin chicks have to be labeled as skinny “bitches”?

Is this really a body positive anthem?

Is this really making ALL women feel good about themselves and love their bodies?

Why must we tear down one body type in order to make the other feel good?

Can’t we exalt one without insulting the other?

 The song continues…

Yeah, it’s pretty clear, I ain’t no size twoBut I can shake it, shake itLike I’m supposed to do‘Cause I got that boom boom that all the boys chaseAnd all the right junk in all the right places

I just happen to fall in the “skinny B” category (Mostly by accident as a result of genetics and gymnastics.) Well every time I hear that verse it makes me feel a little self-conscious. I begin to question why I don’t have more junk in all the right places? I wonder if my husbands notices? Surely he does, because according to the lyrics…

“Boys like a little more booty to hold tonight.”

Or at least that’s what her mumma told her.

But aren’t lyrics like this just doing what we’ve always done and forcing women into this tiny box of exclusive “beauty”. Letting some in and pushing others out? Isn’t it just reinforcing societies objectification of women, saying their worth is measured solely by their body parts? Isn’t it teaching young girls that the only way to get a guys attention is by using their assets?

It doesn’t seem that body positive to me?

One online blogger wrote this in response to an article praising the songs “positive body mantra”.

I’ve been called a “skinny bitch” more times than I can count – by people that don’t know me at all, including pop stars who think it’s okay. This song and the lyrics in a whole bunch of songs recently are personally offensive and they make people like me feel like dirt. Nobody should be singing or speaking or thinking about one body type being better than one or another because it’s a load of crap and does nothing for the “body positivity movement”.

I just can’t praise something about puts down other women. We should embrace and empower ALL women of different body types, races, sexuality – if you’re releasing a piece of media that celebrates one but dumps on another, I’m sorry, but you’ve failed. We deserve better.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with everything she is saying but I do think she makes a fair point.

Why can’t we call voluptuous women beautiful… without calling skinny girls names?

And vice versa.

Why must we make curvy girls feel self-conscious by constantly glorifying stick thin celebrities and plastering every second magazine with unrealistic thigh gaps and cellulite free booties (we all know it takes a lot of effort to look like that & probably some help from photoshop too!)?

I think “beauty” comes in all shapes and sizes and needs to be celebrated, not pinned against one another.

So yes, I love the message

You are perfect from the bottom to the top.

But maybe we should just leave it at that? FULL STOP.

P.S This is my little sister! Yes she’s 6 years younger that me but such a babe! Wouldn’t you agree? Some days I wish I was rocking those sexy curves like her but sadly I must have gotten different genes? I fall more into “hips like a 12 year old boy” category” but hey I am ok with that! Isn’t that what body acceptance is? Just loving exactly who you are.

What do you think? Am I being over sensitive? Is this a step forward for the positive body movement, or just a step in a different direction?