For all those that need to hear this today.
You’re not the only person struggling to feel significant. 
You’re not the only Christian drowning in depression.
You're not the only Pastor who wants to quit ministry.
You're not the only person carrying shame from abuse. 
You’re the not only single wanting to get married.
You’re not the only guy (or girl) addicted to pornography.
You're not the only couple who wants to get divorced.
You're not the only person who's been through a divorce!
You’re not the only mother feeling like a failure.
You're not the only husband stressed out financially.
You're not the only Christian who's had an abortion. 

So many times I have contemplated starting a site called. sharing dozens of stories through videos and blogs on issues people are actually facing, but for now I will use whatever platform, space or relationship I have to simply tell people. 

You are not alone. What you feel, what you are going through, someone can relate to you. Don't quit. Don't give up. 

Somewhere out in this world, someone has gone through something similar, someone has fought the same battles, someone has experienced the same pain. For far too long the enemy has been selling lies and convincing us we’re alone in our pain, alone in our grief, alone in our depression, alone in our struggles, alone in our disappointments and alone in our shame.

He has constantly been convincing us. We are alone, and it's a lie!!!

You are not alone. Somebody loves you. Somebody cares about you. Probably a lot of people. Your pain is real and your feelings are valid, but you are not your feelings and your pain is temporary. You can heal and you can feel different! More than the people in front of your face, God loves you, desperately! I believe wholeheartedly that God hears your prayers and He is close to you. Life can be so brutal and our throughs and emotions can weigh us down, but He is there in the midst of the heartache, He is there in the midst of your pain. The Holy Spirit is called our comforter for a reason. First and foremost we need spiritual reconciliation and restoration.

But we still need each other! We still need family, community and friendships. we need real relationships, not instagram connections!

I don't know about you, but I don't want to fake perfection while aching inside. I don't want to put on a mask while drowning in depression. I don't want to stand in a Church and feel completely alone. And I have before, and I am over it. It's time we got honest about our issues, our struggles, our "stuff". I'ts time we run to Jesus with our problems and lean on others when we need to. It's time we speak up. Find a safe place to talk. Find the right person to talk too. If you need to see a counsellor or a Christian psychologist do it! 

“The stigma surrounding mental illness, especially in Christian communities, keeps people locked in prisons of shame, refusing to admit that they need help.”

It's ok to not be ok. It's ok to need help. Like I said run to Jesus first. He is the source of all things. He is hope personified!

But don't feel bad for seeking help. I'll be vulnerable for a moment, I have been seeing a counsellor since I was 22. And I've been a Pastor since I was 20, a Youth Worker since I was 21 and I'm currently completing a double major in Psychology and counselling and I still see a counsellor! It doesn't matter, despite the "titles" I may hold I am weak, broken person and my heart still feels the affect of a sinful world. I need Jesus and I need others. 

I come from a broken home, both of my parents struggled with substance abuse, mental health issues and split just one month before I got married. I had a bag of issues and I needed someone to help me unpack. I still need people, the Church and the Holy Spirit to help me work through them! We are all on a journey of personal wholeness and we need each other! It's time to face the cross together. Let's chase after Jesus and lean on each while we do it. 

Lets share our stories of struggles and pain, not to glamorous despair or disfunction, but to be vulnerable, to be real about life and all that comes with! Who knows who needs to hear it? If you would like to share your story please message me! Seriously please let me know! I want to start writing in the next few days. Ok so maybe after Uni exams. ;)  And remember, 

Whoever you are, you are not alone and you are not the only one!


Sabrina is a Christian writer, an avid Sex & Relationships blogger and part of the team at Kingdomcity. She is married to Ben and mother to Liberty & Lincoln