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So glad you’re here! My name’s Sabrina. I am a wife, mother, pastor & writer. I am blessed to be a part of the team at Kingdomcity, a thriving Global Church in 8 nations. I am absolutely passionate about Jesus, His Church & changing the way a generation thinks about God, Sex & love.


YOU matter

Regardless of your stance on sexuality or Christianity, your your education or vocation, your looks or your tattoos! You matter & your life counts. You are not defined by your past choices, or your present circumstances. You are not a mistake, unwanted or second place. You are loved. Your life has purpose. Find it. Live it &
give it out.

god is love

He is not rules or religion or some guy we can only please by being perfect. He is kind, accepting and gentle. He is never judgemental, harsh or mean. He loves unconditionally and changes people from the inside out, not the other way around. 
He sees past your flaws and failures, and utters with sincerity, "I love you."


Sex is not a dirty word, it’s not rude or wrong; but does sex with whomever, whenever and however really make for a happy ending? I believe sex with boundaries always ends up best. For far too long pop culture has been selling lies, leaving people hollow & empty inside. Discover the why behind the what and enjoy sex the way God intended.