Lady In Waiting: SOLD OUT

Lady In Waiting: SOLD OUT

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SEX, GOD & LOVE aren’t usually 3 words that you see in the same sentence. But the truth is, SEX is one of GOD’S best inventions! (Yes God actually thinks SEX is great! Who knew?) In saying that, sex also comes with some very clear guidelines on how to get the most out of it. Lady in Waiting isn’t a book about DOs & DON’Ts and trying to win brownie points with God, or being some kind of super Christian; it’s about encouraging you to experience the benefit of doing it God’s way.

Renee Bennett. 

Author & Youth Alive Director Australia

As someone who’s worked with countless teenagers and young adults for the past ten years, one of the most concerning issues is the lack of conviction about keeping your virginity as a precious gift for marriage. I read in a well researched book recently that 96% of people are not virgins on their wedding day. Here is a book that just could turn that tide. In a very easy to read, big sister approach, Sabrina Peters doesn’t come from the negative position of not becoming one of the 96%. Instead she will inspire and encourage you to be a part of the 4%! (And to see that figure become the majority!) Having done the “single thing” she can empathise with the trials and tribulations you encounter, but also shares her added wisdom from the ‘other side of the fence’ as a married chick! Far from being the book full of DOs and DON’Ts, Lady in Waiting gives you all the reasons why waiting will be the best thing you could ever do! So good on Sabrina for challenging what today’s culture says is ‘normal’ and good on you for reading it! It just might change your life… and together, we just might change the world!