According to World Health Organisation (WHO), every year globally there are an estimated 40-50 million abortions. This corresponds to approximately 125,000 abortions per day. About a third of all Australian women will have an abortion. This represents about one-in-four pregnancies. 

Just yesterday a law was passed in New York City that legalised abortions right up until birth. Regardless of your stance on when a foetus technically becomes “a life” surely a child at 40 week gestation should qualify? Clearly, that child is viable with life? Even more ironically, in some cases where pregnant women have been killed the perpetrator has been convicted of criminal charges for not just the mother, but also the unborn child?


Guest writer Mina Humphries shares her personal story. 

"When I close my eyes, I still see the clock on the wall. The length of time was a matter of minutes, but those minutes define my life to this day. My first pregnancy ended by my choice. I live with that choice every day. I didn’t know God then, though I grasped for Him the entire time.

I remember my mom driving to the clinic, I was an emotional wreck. In my mind, I prayed; “God if you’re real, and you don’t want me to do this, please I need a sign.” In that exact moment, a car cut us off with a pro-life bumper sticker. I starred at the sign with intensity. Had God just given me an answer? I know God now, and know He had tried, I just didn’t listen.

I never wanted to do it. I remember when I found out I was going to be a mother, I was in total shock, but also my natural response was to protect the life that was growing inside of me. Pregnancy is a lot of change on every level. Your first pregnancy is particularly challenging getting used to all of the hormonal changes that happen with one’s body. I went from being a highly emotional individual to flat out crazy in this pregnancy. My family didn’t think it was best if I were a mom at that time. The father of the child didn’t think so either. I didn’t feel strong enough to do it by myself. I didn’t even value my own life at that time, and felt unworthy to even be chosen to be a mother.

I googled every night trying to find the answers I so desperately was seeking. Trying to find women who had abortions, trying to find people who would take me in and let me keep my baby. I found nothing. I also was an atheist at that time. Satan loves to meddle when it comes to life and death, this time literally.

Abortion is defined as the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy.

God’s word doesn’t include the word abortion. However this is what the bible says about pregnancy: “Children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.”
Psalms 127:3

My first pregnancy, my angel baby, only lived one trimester. I was almost 12 weeks upon termination. The instant the procedure was over, I wailed out in pain as any mother losing her child would. They had to carry me to the recovery room because I was so hysterical. Staring at the other women put me in a state of shock. They were all just eating cookies and drinking juice like it was no big deal. I just couldn’t be there, the air instantly smelled of death to me. I ran out of the clinic and my mom followed, assuring me I did the best I could do. THAT was NOT the best I could do.

For two weeks, blood haunted me, every time I went to the bathroom. The same blood, which nourished my baby with life, was now the blood of her slaughtered body. For months I tried to assimilate what and why. I looked down at my belly that wasn’t growing, and wept nightly grasping onto God as my only hope. I personally believe that most women don’t experience the trauma like I did, because the reality is, it is so traumatic, that they push the pain deep deep down.

one of the biggest deceptions of abortion, is the fact people think it’s a “no strings ATTACHED” quick fix, rather than the termination of an innocent, indefensible child and truck load of emotional trauma for the mother left behind.

And who pays the price of the injustice? The mothers. The unborn. It has been 6 years since my abortion, and I have talked with many women who feel just as I do, except, they could never think of actually telling someone, for the shame and pain is too great. 

For many years I was trapped in a prison of guilt and shame. I put myself in a cell, and oftentimes I still do. The pain still comes in waves. Sometimes it is silent, other times it is like a roaring storm.

TO TRULY UNDERSTAND ABORTION (ESPECIALLY HAVING ONE YOURSELF), requires SEEKING personal RESPONSIBILITY. it’s ACKNOWLEDGING what took place, but REALISING there is a god in heaven who heals and forgives.

I only began to find healing when I truly realised what I had done. I needed to recognise the weight of my choice. And when I did I also began to see a God who didn’t hold it against me, but picked me up and held me tight. I experienced a God who loved me back to wholeness and wiped every tear and stain.

I miss my baby. I often think what he or she would be like? Although, today I have been gifted with two sweet boys and my own personal experience fuels me to speak out on behalf of the unborn who are silenced every day. To speak out for the young women, who should be celebrated for the life that she is carrying, instead of treated like an inconvenience.

What I do know now, that I didn’t back then: is that there are resources available, whether you struggle with the guilt and shame of having an abortion yourself, or whether you find yourself in an unwanted pregnancy, or know someone who does.

I promise you, no matter who you are, you don’t have to do this alone. There will be agencies, Churches and family members that will support you.


If you:
- Are you facing a pregnancy in a crisis situation
- Have been hurt by abortion
- Would like to share your story
- Want to know more about abortion
- Would like to donate to a pro-life cause. 

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